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Everything You Need To Know About Lip Fillers

Over the past few years, lip fillers have become more and more popular. This is thanks in no small part to reality stars, such as the Kardashians, and Instagram influencers.

The stunning results that many in the spotlight have enjoyed from lip fillers has encouraged many men and women to undergo this safe and effective procedure themselves.

If you are considering having lip fillers, it is important that all of your questions are answered prior to treatment, which is why we have put this blog together.

Read on to find out more.



Who should get lip fillers?

In short, anyone who would like them. Age, gender, sexuality or race, none of this matters when making this decision. The only important thing is that you feel that lip fillers are right for you, and you are doing this for yourself, not for anyone else.

Fillers are not just for those who desire that perfect Instagram pout either. Many of our clients seek to correct asymmetrical lips, rather than simply add volume.

Who should give lip fillers?

Wherever you go for your lip fillers, you must ensure that the person administering them is properly trained. Our founder, Dr Daniel Hunt, is a fully qualified medical doctor, meaning that not only is he more than capable, his knowledge and experience of anatomy will provide the best results possible.

It is also a good idea to look at your clinician’s previous clients before you book in. You can explore a multitude of before and after photos from Imperial Aesthetics on our Instagram profile.



Lip fillers are a series of injections that are used to reshape the lips. Here at Imperial Aesthetics, we generally use Juvéderm Volift®, however, Dr Hunt may suggest an alternative following your consultation, should he think there is something better suited to you.

The procedure is designed to add volume and reshape, as well as to improve symmetry.



If you are considering getting lip fillers, it is vital that you undergo the treatment somewhere safe and hygienic. Our clinic is maintained at the highest standards, ensuring you receive the safest possible service with minimal risk of infection.



Whenever you would like! As long as you are over the age of 18, there is no correct age or time to undergo this procedure.

Some people find that as they age their lips become thinner, meaning that this is a popular treatment for clients over the age of 40.



As previously mentioned, you should only get lip fillers if you, yourself, feel as though they would make you feel more confident in your appearance. This decision should not be influenced by anybody else.



Simply book in for your consultation today, the treatment will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete.


Book In For Lip Fillers

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact us through our website. Otherwise, you can book your consultation here.

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