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Singles Awareness Day

The 15th of February is Singles Awareness Day. This unofficial holiday was created in order to celebrate love in all its forms, not just romantic relationships. As well as attachment to family and friends, this day encourages loving and appreciating yourself!

Here at Imperial Aesthetics, we have a range of treatments designed with you in mind.


Confidence – Do It For Yourself!

When undergoing any of our aesthetic treatments, whether it’s Botox®, Fillers or Tixel®, it is important that you are doing it for yourself. You should never feel pressured to undergo a treatment, or opt for it to please someone else.

We work hard to ensure that you leave our clinic with your head held high, and an extra spring in your step!



The most common reason that people come to us for Botox® is to correct fine lines and wrinkles, however, Botox® can be used to help a myriad of other physical problems and aesthetic imperfections. You can read more about this on a blog that Dr Daniel Hunt recently wrote for Glowday.

Find the Botox® treatments that we offer on our website.



Fillers are an ideal way to subtly, but effectively, reshape areas of the face. We offer:

  • Lip Fillers
  • Jaw Augmentation
  • Nose Reshaping
  • Tear Through Fillers
  • Temple Fillers

As a medical doctor, Dr Hunt has an extensive knowledge of human physiology. This allows him to carry out these procedures in a way that gently enhances your appearance, whilst ensuring that you are perfectly safe.



As we age, the rate at which we produce collagen decreases. This results in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as sagging skin. Tixel® is a revolutionary treatment that uses heat to stimulate your collagen production and tackle the signs of ageing. It treats:

  • Sun damage
  • Pigmentation and enlarged pores
  • Crepey neck skin
  • Stretch marks

To learn more about Tixel®, read our previous blog.


Celebrate Yourself

Singles Awareness Day is the perfect time to celebrate yourself. Book an appointment with us today to feel your best!


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If you require any further information, you can contact us through our website, call us on 01494 578 199 or email us at enquiries@imperialaesthetics.co.uk.

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