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The High Cost Of Bargain Botox®

The Times recently published an alarming exposé detailing the unsafe and unethical practices of a number of clinicians prescribing Botox® to patients that they have never actually met with. Botox® is perfectly safe and offers stunning results, but only when administered properly.


The Times Investigation

When considering Botox® it is vital that you first undergo a face-to-face consultation and assessment with the individual who is prescribing the substance, whether a doctor, specially trained nurse or other prescriber. This allows the practitioner to understand your wants, needs, and get to know you and your skin. This is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, everyone is different and therefore safe, natural, and effective Botox® must be bespoke. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

An undercover reporter from The Times posed as a beautician in order to investigate whether they could obtain Botox® without the prescriber first assessing the (fictional) patient. Of the seven medics contacted, four agreed to prescribe remotely. One nurse went as far as offering a greater volume than required to allow the supposed beautician to build up ‘a nice little stock’, stating that they were willing to do so as ‘otherwise it’s really cutting into your profits and whatnot’.

This was all achieved using a fake training certificate and no official ID.



Stephen Powis, the national medical director of the NHS, has stated that there are risks of ‘serious infections’ and ‘permanent scarring’ when Botox® is not obtained and administered in the proper fashion.

Victoria Lee, 41, was one of the victims of this malpractice. Two days after her treatment ‘boils’ emerged at the injection sites, which she found ‘excruciating’. Upon her return to the woman that injected her she received little support, and the individual who prescribed her Botox® refused to accept any culpability and offered no help. In attempts to correct the treatment she has spent over £5000 so far, yet still has permanent scarring.

Save Face is a register of accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic procedures. They reported that they had received 770 complaints about Botox® in 2020, a 28.6% increase over the previous year. Out of the complaints, 77% came from individuals who had not attended a face-to-face consultation.

Bargain Botox® can easily lead to infections, dropping facial features, and in the most extreme cases, muscle paralysis. Whilst the original price may seem low, the overall cost, both literally and metaphorically, can be far higher.


Botox® At Imperial Aesthetics

Here at Imperial Aesthetics, we administer Botox® the right way, leaving you looking and feeling your best, but most importantly, without putting you at risk. Dr Daniel Hunt is a fully qualified medical doctor who worked at Great Ormond Street before finding his passion, and considerable talent, for aesthetics.

His vast, proven, knowledge and understanding of the human body make him the perfect person to carry out this treatment, as well as all of the other procedures that we offer!


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For more information about Botox®, you can contact us through our website. If you are ready to take the next step please book in for your appointment or free consultation.

Further, should you wish to hear from previous clients please browse our multitude of five-star reviews on Glowday.

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