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Tixel® for Hyperpigmentation
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Tixel® for Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots or sunspots, medically known as hyperpigmentation, occur when our skin produces too much melanin. Tixel® treatment uses heat to break down areas of hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone. Imperial Aesthetics can help you reduce and remove dark spots from your skin with Tixel for Hyperpigmentation.

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Treat your dark spots with an award-winning Tixel® treatment

Tixel® treatments are designed with your skin in mind. Leaving it looking smoother and firmer. Tixel® for hyperpigmentation not only leaves your skin looking radiant but, because of its collagen heating process, can help to break down skin pigmentation. Tixel® for hyperpigmentation has minimal downtime and results that last up to 24 months.

Hyperpigmentation is caused by an overload of melanin in our systems. Melanin gives our skin its colour, but an overload of melanin causes the extra pigment to be buried beneath it, giving it a darker appearance than the skin surrounding it.

Why Choose Imperial Aesthetics for Tixel® for Hyperpigmentation?

At Imperial Aesthetics, we believe getting to know our clients before starting any Tixel® for hyperpigmentation treatments is essential. We must understand your requirements to create a plan to reach your desired results. As part of your one-to-one consultation, we will listen to your concerns and create a customised skincare treatment plan based on your needs.

What Makes the Tixel® Treatment So Special?

Using cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology, Tixel® offers an innovative way to treat all skin types, textures, and thickness quickly and effectively on both the face and the body.

Compared to our extensive range of filler treatments, the Hot Glow Facelift Tixel® Treatment combines the latest technology and thermal-mechanical energy to improve the tone and texture of the skin cells, giving you a more radiant and youthful appearance. And, in just a few sessions, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your complexion and enjoy the benefits of healthier-looking, revitalised skin.

As one of only a few aesthetic clinics in the UK using this technology, our team of medically qualified experts have been specially trained to administer this popular treatment. We’ll discuss your skin concerns at length and will create a bespoke treatment plan based exclusively on your individual needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will getting Tixel® for hyperpigmentation hurt?

    Tixel® can be an uncomfortable treatment for some patients, however Imperial Aesthetics can help to minimise the pain by numbing the affected areas.

  2. How many treatments will I need?

    We offer clients a range of Tixel® treatment plans based on their needs. Our expert team can discuss this with you during your consultation.

  3. How long do I need to wait between treatments?

    We recommend that you wait at least one month between treatments.

  1. Is there any downtime for this treatment?

    Following your treatment, your skin may be slightly red for 2-3 days. However, you will be able to go back to normal activities as soon as your treatment is completed.

  2. How long will my Tixel® for hyperpigmentation results last?

    Tixel® for hyperpigmentation treatments may need follow-up appointments. Your initial course of treatment should last between 12-24 months - with top-ups in between.

  3. How soon will I see the results?

    Some patients see results as soon as the first treatment is completed, and you will continue to see improvements over the following weeks as your collagen production boosts.

  4. Is there anything I should avoid following my treatment?

    As part of your consultation, we’ll give you detailed aftercare advice to follow. We normally recommend that you avoid alcohol, exercising and wearing make-up for 48 hours after your treatment.

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