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A course of Tixel® treatment could banish those blemishes!

Imperial’s guide to Tixel® treatment and what to expect

Many of us are looking to find great new ways of treating our skin for a variety of issues we are not happy with. Whether we have tired or sagging skin, blemishes that just don’t seem to disappear or wrinkles that we could have been happy without, we are all faced with elements we would change. That’s where Tixel® could be the treatment we have all been waiting for! A revolutionary and non-invasive way to treat your skin, Tixel® works to rejuvenate, rehydrate and restore your skin, making it appear youthful, glowing and vibrant.

Tixel® treatment works by using heat to boost the collagen within our skin to improve tone, texture and skin quality. Imperial Aesthetics offers a relaxing hot glow facial using the Tixel® treatment, and thanks to the minimal downtime, this treatment is perfect for a lunch break! Tixel® treatment targets your areas of concern, whatever they may be, and the thermal energy machine used during the treatment focuses on these areas to boost collagen and begin skin healing.

Tixel® treatments are fast and provide minimal discomfort both during and after the appointment. A non-invasive treatment that boosts collagen rather than injecting chemicals, you can expect to see long-lasting results that require little recovery time.

How can Tixel® treatments help with your acne scarring and blemishes?

Collagen can be found throughout our body and is considered essential to the suppleness, firmness and overall condition of our skin. Collagen keeps our skin looking youthful – think about it as a glue or the scaffolding of our skin that keeps everything together. Collagen naturally decreases over time, and this is where we start to see our skin sagging and appearing dull in complexion.

Expectations during your Tixel® treatment

During your treatment, your skin will be cleansed and prepared by your practitioner. A handheld machine with a metal plate will make contact directly with your skin for less than a second, and this will deliver a short burst of heat that destroys the damaged skin cells. Your practitioner will work in sections until your treatment has been completed. Treatment times are generally between 30-40 minutes.

Tixel® treatment boosts the collagen production naturally occurring in your skin which in turn improves skin elasticity and hydration. Whilst collagen isn’t used for anti-acne treatments; it is great for improving the appearance of acne scarring – perfect for an acne-prone skincare routine. Collagen also reduces the appearance of blemishes and sunspots and can make your skin appear smoother and more youthful thanks to the increase in the ‘glue’ that holds your skin together! The heat from your Tixel® treatment destroys any damaged skin cells on the surface of your skin, promoting cells to jump into action and create new skin cells.


What else could Tixel® treatments help you with?

Tixel® is a great solution for many skin issues, and Imperial Aesthetics works with each of its clients to understand their skin concerns during a consultation before advising the best way forward. In many cases, our Hot Glow Facial using Tixel® treatment is a great solution to your skin troubles.

  • Acne scarring
  • Active Acne
  • Actinic Keratosis
  • Age spots
  • Eyes – drooping eyelids, eye bags
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyper and Hypo pigmentation
  • Melasma
  • Rosacea
  • Stretchmarks
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Uneven skin tone and texture

The benefits of Tixel® treatment

  • Tixel® treatment is a virtually painless treatment with minimal downtime, meaning you can carry on as normal after your appointment.
  • Tixel® offers a chance to rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin – perfect for tired-looking or dull skin
  • Tixel® boosts your skin quality and increases the thickness of your skin by promoting the natural production of collagen.
  • Tixel® is a completely bespoke treatment tailored to individual clients
  • Tixel® can improve the fine lines and delicate areas around your eyes without discomfort!

The number of treatments you will need will very much depend on your individual skin, the concerns that you have, and the treatment mode your practitioner suggests for you. Whilst some clients start to see results after just one session, recommended treatment courses are generally between 3-6 appointments spread evenly every 4-6 weeks. You may need to consider a treatment every 6 -12 months thereafter to keep on top of your rejuvenated skin. Imperial Aesthetics will advise you on the best course of treatment for your skin type and concerns.


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Book a course of Tixel® treatment with Imperial Aesthetics today!

To book your course of Tixel treatment, simply get in touch using our book an appointment section on our website. Imperial Aesthetics, founded by medical Dr and aesthetics practitioner Dr Daniel Hunt aims to offer each of its clients the ability to love the skin they are in using aesthetics treatments to enhance natural beauty. If you are interested in having a consultation with Dr Hunt or finding out more information about our services, get in touch and speak to a friendly member of the team today!

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