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Our perfect skincare products to boost your wintery skin

How does the winter season affect your skin?

Have you ever wondered why your skin gets extra dry in winter? When temperatures plummet, so does humidity, which can strip away up to 25% of your skin’s moisture. This can cause cracks in your skin, leading to increased dryness and sensitivity in cold weather. The good news is that we have a few tips and tricks to help rehydrate your skin, as well as some great skincare products that can give your skin the boost it needs.

During the colder months, it’s important to take extra care of your skin since the weather can cause some serious problems like inflammation, cracks, and a lack of moisture. These issues can then lead to bigger problems for your skin’s health overall if they’re not dealt with promptly.

The skin barrier can be disrupted by a number of different things, especially when there’s a drastic change in temperature – like going from the cold winter outdoors to the hot, dry air of an overheated indoor space. This can cause sudden itching, dryness, and a feeling of being parched.

The cold, dry weather can cause a build-up of excess dry skin, which is likely to clog your pores and cause your skin to break out or flare up. In addition, many of us tend to comfort eat during the colder months, and this, too, can upset the hormonal balance of our skin.

Our skincare products help your skin during the winter months

Advanced Perfecting Shield

Advanced Perfecting Shield is an antioxidant, complexion-perfecting urban shield. It is ideal for hydrating, perfecting and protecting skin in one single step. The combination of RHA®, anti-ageing active ingredients and a cocktail of powerful antioxidants prevents and corrects the visible signs of skin ageing, dullness and tired look whilst strengthening the skin’s natural protection.

Perfect Skin Refiner

This nighttime skin renewal cream provides a unique balance of Glycolic Acid* and TEOXANE RHA® hydrating technology. Gentle and effective, this exfoliating treatment will actively regenerate skin cells while you sleep for a healthier, hydrated and unified complexion.

RHA® Vit C Serum

A new generation of vitamin C, combined with Teoxane RHA® Resilient hyaluronic acid, to combat pigmentation, loss of firmness, and a dull complexion. This advanced serum maximises skin radiance by anti-pigmentation antioxidants, hydrating and correcting skin tone.

Deep Repair Balm

This ultra-comfortable, luxurious, soothing balm imparts instant hydration. Ideal for moisturizing and restoring irritated or sensitized skin, this rich formulation help to restore skin hydration and soothe.

Winter skincare routines to banish dry skin

For many people, the cold clear days of winter unfortunately also bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands, and feet. For some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: They get skin so dry it results in flaking, cracking, and even eczema (in which the skin becomes inflamed). But dry winter skin doesn’t have to be inevitable! By making some changes to your skin care regimen and habits and using the right products, you may be able to keep your skin looking soft, smooth, and vibrant all winter long.

Moisturise after washing your face

Washing your face, hands, or body gets rid of natural oils that help lock in moisture. So, it’s important to use a moisturizer every time you wash your skin. This is especially true in winter.

Continue to wear your daily SPF

It can be tempting to cut sunscreen out of your winter routine, but that would be a mistake. Even on shorter, colder days, harmful UV light can still damage your skin’s moisture barrier. That’s why it’s important to protect your skin all year round, not just in summer.

Overnight treatments are your friend

Overnight treatments are an excellent way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, prevent dry skin, and give your skin a chance to heal. Emollients are great for moisturizing because they help to create a barrier on your skin that prevents water loss. However, because they’re a heavier type of cream, it can take longer for them to be absorbed into your skin.

If you’re finding that the skin on your face is especially sensitive or irritated due to the dry winter air, you may want to consider a more simplified skincare routine for the time being. Keep in mind that your skin’s moisture barrier needs to be healthy in order for it to respond well to serums, toners, and other beauty treatments. If your skin is already irritated, it will likely be more sensitive to ingredients like fragrance and alcohol. This means that products that normally wouldn’t bother your face could turn into irritants.

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Merry Christmas from the Imperial Aesthetics team!

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